New Year’s Resolutions (and bet!)

Turns out New Year’s Resolutions can be monetized – here’s my plan to make $900! Plus, our family’s 3×3 2020 Goals.

Kirsten and I have started a new tradition this year (2020) – setting up 3 sets of 3 goals. This just sounded reasonable to us, but I’ve since learned there is a whole lot of debate around the significance and power of three. Our categories are: personal (each), financial, and family.

Kenny’s Personal Goals

  1. Add strength to workouts = rep 4x 315 lbs bench press, 4x 405 lbs deadlift
  2. Run the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon without stopping
  3. No heart medication required

I’ve always wanted to be able to bench press 3 plates per side, and figured 1 rep just isn’t enough – so I went for 4. Then I figured if I am doing 3 plates on bench, I should do 4 plates on dead lift! These are lofty goals, I have never done either weight even for 1 rep.

Kirsten did the Wine and Dine half in 2018, and it was awesome! Since then, we have talked about a redo, and for some reason I agreed to do it too (I am not a runner, and typically hate slow, long processes).

I have been borderline hypertensive (high blood pressure) on and off, and at my annual check-up my doctor informed me that I can get my diet and health under control, or will need to medication to do so. I am not opposed to medication at all, but viewed this as a challenge to get myself back in shape to where I do not need it.

Kirsten’s Personal Goals

  1. Lose 10 lbs
  2. Read 12 books
  3. Control social media usage

Kirsten love to workout, and wants to get down 10 pounds so she is near her goal weight which is basically where she was at when we got married (in 2011).

After graduate school, I didn’t think she would ever read another book, and rightfully so since she studied like crazy and earned her doctorate! Kirsten is ready to get back into reading, this time casually and for leisure.

We are both really guilty of too much screen time. The real kick in the pants came when Apple rolled out the “screen time” update, and we realized just how much time we were wasting just blindly scrolling through social media.

Financial / Professional

  1. Max out one 401k contribution
  2. Payoff student loans
  3. Buy one additional property

Retirement planning is a big deal for us (the specifics for me, the concept for Kirsten), which you can see in the financial portion of the FitLife blogs. For 2020, the IRS max is an enormous $19,500. By prioritizing our finances and automating the deduction, we’re setup to meet this goal.

Student loans have plagued us for years. We started off with over $150,000 in debt, and this is the year we knock it out! Still a big chunk left, but this will be a huge relief to get done (and a nice $1,200/month raise!).

We have been like most folks – reliant on only our W2 jobs as a source of income with our house as our only real property. Buying one additional property could be anything from a weekly rented beach condo to an apartment complex, just has to be one to get our real estate portfolio going.

Family Goals

  1. Camp for 50 nights
  2. Weekly game night
  3. Sleep schedules

Ever since we got the RV, we’ve been hooked and love it! The best part is family time – it’s like being in a different world when we camp, a world that doesn’t need tablets or TV or malls. Camping for 50 nights will be incredibly hard this year since COVID-19 has basically shut down everything, but we aren’t adjusting, we’re still going for it!

Weekly game night has been a big hit, especially the Disney Cupcake Party. It’s refreshing to disconnect from electronics and play some good old games, and the girls absolutely love it. On the flip side of campgrounds being closed due to coronavirus, our game nights are happening multiple times a week!

We have never been super strict with bed times, and don’t plan to be exact. This goal is to get us all on a better routine – adults included. For our kids, that means shooting for 7:15 pm pajamas and teeth brushing, 7:30 pm in bed reading, girls asleep by 8:00 pm in their own beds. For us, that means relaxing together and catching up on the day after the girls are asleep, reading (or blogging) in bed and asleep by 10:30 pm (we get up before 6am).

The Bet

When January rolled around and everyone was talking about New Year’s Resolutions, I chimed in that we don’t really set resolutions, just goals for the year. Intrigued, all the guys in my office asked for details. After explaining my personal goals, they all looked at me skeptically and asked how much I can currently lift and run.

I explained I could do 4x 225lbs on bench, and never really trained deadlift so wasn’t sure (I know, deadlift is probably the single best lift to do, but I never really got around to it – hence the goal to motivate me!). Scoffing, they all assured me that there was absolutely no chance I could do either goal lift. They even went so far as to actually bet me that I can’t!

Turns out, quite a few guys wanted in on the action, and not just for some cheap investments. So far, the bet is up to $900!!!

I’m excited, I haven’t figured out what I’m going to buy with the $900, but it’s going to be so very sweet to take their money. And, I will probably hang pictures around the office of whatever things I buy!

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