Family First

Who are we

Kirsten + Kenny + Lyla + Addyson

We are a family of four, striving to explore the US in our RV and focusing on the good stuff – family time, making memories, and enjoying life. After having kids, Kenny + Kirsten realized that too much of their lives revolved around working. Stress from jobs and other obligations started to take away from quality time as a family, so we decided to shift from the career grind to being mid-career retired.

Kirsten is a fantastic mom, workout enthusiast, and practicing Physical Therapist, with her Doctorate from University of Florida. Born and raised in Central Florida, Kirsten is partial to hot days at the beach, but will only go in crystal clear water!

Kenny is a dad / prince / beast / monster hunter, tool lover, and businessman with three degrees from University of Florida. Born and raised in South West Florida, Kenny loves to be outside and spending time as a family. 

Lyla is a big sister, princess, and avid color-er. She loves to play dress-up with her sister, and to do anything outdoors. Lyla tries anything and is always excited to ride her bike or go swimming.

Addyson is the little sister, also a princess, and wants to do anything big-sis is doing. She is sassy and inquisitive, asking questions and always trying to learn about the world around her.