Post Quarantine Cleanse (Month Without Alcohol)

The Starting Line

We came to the realization one Sunday morning (over weight and hungover) that we may be over indulging. Quarantine during COVID-19 definitely exacerbated the issues, since we were stuck at home relatively bored and in close proximity to the refrigerator, pantry, and booze! Queue the Post Quarantine Cleanse (month without alcohol)!

Trying to be a smart man, I am only publishing my stats (happy wife = happy life!).

Starting Monday June 1, 2020, I’m coming in at 247.4 pounds (up from 237.9 lbs Feb 14th), with blood pressure 153/98 (up from 119/76 Feb 17th). Thanks Coronavirus, like the stock market, I lost all my progress so far this year!

For reference, I’m 6ft 2in and my “looking good feeling good” weight is probably around 215-220 pounds.

For exercise, I can run 2x 10min mile, do sets of 8x 225 lbs bench, 8x 245 lbs squat, 8x 275 lbs deadlift. I’m definitely skewed to bench, which is something I’m working on this year (see blog “2020 Goals (and large bet!)”). We try to stay generally in good shape, but I miss the gym more often than I go.

Week 1 Recap (6/1 to 6/7)

Day 1 = hungover, generally short tempered and frustrated. Not feeling very well, emotionally or physically. Missing working out, memories, and having patience.

Days 2-4 = meh, better I suppose. Had to choose water from the fridge instead of a beer, clearly showing that I’m in a crap routine.

Days 5 = Friday! Feeling markedly better, worked out 3 days during the week and had 0 alcohol. Ate pretty healthy too. Noticing that I have a lot more patience with the kids and life in general, and am excited to see how much better this gets.

Day 6 = Saturday! Kirsten and I stayed up late last night (sober) just hanging out with each other, talking, and watching YouTube videos – we both commented on how nice that was this morning. Grateful to have full memories, not questioning the night before, and feeling better.

Day 7 = a full week! Did not have any mimosas, but made a big breakfast for the girls. We both definitely feel better, emotionally and physically. I’m enjoying taking time to work on things that I generally haven’t worked on because I now realize I was probably too busy looking for a drink (like this long overdue blog!).

Week 2 Recap (6/8 to 6/14)

Not drinking is actually quite refreshing! We both noticed increased patience with the kids (game nights here we come!), less bloating, better sleep, and very clear mornings.

Honestly, the hardest part at this point is explaining to other people – “wait you’re doing what?” “why?”. We had some peer pressure, but stuck to our plan, and feel better for it (the guys I work with considered betting me, but then decided better of it since I’m already on track to take their money with the 2020 Fitlife bet).

And, we had our anniversary (#9) on 6/10! This was, well, weird – our tradition revolves around a wine box, where we put letters in each year, then re-read the previous letter as we drink a bottle of wine together to celebrate. Turns out we have been neglecting the letter part (there were only 2 years worth), but we always follow through with the wine part, except for this year where we toasted with some La Croix!

Week 3 Recap (6/15 to 6/21)

Week 4 Recap (6/22 to 6/29)

The Finish Line

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